Recent report of a Sri Lankan cricket player trying to open the door of a plane during flight, taking it to be a door to the toilet, rings a danger bell! A single drunk passenger has the potential of crashing the plane and killing hundreds of passengers. This is akin to carrying a live bomb on an air plane. There ought to be a complete ban on hard drinks aboard a plane, like the ban on smoking, as it poses a grave threat of a plane crash that is worse than smoking. It is often seen that the passengers aboard a plane consume alcoholic beverages and pose a serious threat to passengers by their unruly behaviour but the recent case of a player trying to open an exit door, during flight, shows the lethal implication of allowing hard drinks on planes that must be stopped to safeguard the passengers on a plane. This is the first recorded case of a passenger not in his senses and warns us of similar incidents in future.DR.M.YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, July 3.