LAHORE - Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBBF) president Brig (r) Rashid All Malik Sunday said felicitated Lt Gen (r) Syed Arif Hassan and urged him to inform the FIBA about legal and genuine Pakistan basketball body.
In his statement, he said: “During the last two years, sports and our reputation, both were sunk. This seemed a deliberate effort stage-managed by an assortment of all kinds of losers - bureaucrats, former military officers, some legal pricks. Much lies ahead! Almost 80 per cent national federations and provincial Olympic associations are running parallel. Sportsmen and women have lost two years of international exposure. It may even be fit to sue these unscrupulous elements for the damage caused,” he added.
“Pakistan has had a bogus basketball federation for almost 10 years. Elections held as per court orders under POA control mercifully restored basketball to the rightfully elected federation. FIBA has to recognise us. They have said in writing that the NOC Pakistan will decide and inform them so that the FIBA can recognise us. It is my request to Gen Arif to recognise the genuine body.”