Deaths in Karachi due to a heat wave have exposed the inefficiency of the provincial Government. Instead of making efforts to provide relief to public on emergency basis, CM Sindh has regarded it as a natural calamity and for which no institution or person can be held responsible. This kind of inhuman indifference and apathy needs to be condemned and the CM needs to learn what are calamities and the role of government during them.

The PM, during his few hours visit directed the provincial Government to hold the responsible accountable but as the CM said it was sent by Allah who will be held responsible? In this disgustingly short visit to dying Karachi the very bust and efficient PM directed the lethargic CM to conduct an ‘impartial inquiry’ and submit report of heat stroke tragedy in Karachi. I wonder what he will do after the report comes in as no one has seen any action after any report or JIT!


Lahore, July 3.