LAHORE : Recent short rain spell, expected to continue for more one or two days at scattered places, has no good or bad impact on crops.

Agriculture experts told APP on Monday, that if heavy rain shower occurs and prolongs that will not be good for crops including cotton, paddy and others.

However, experts suggested the farmers to take precautionary measures to deal with the monsoon season and make timely arrangements to drain rain water in case of occurance of heavy rain.

Proper use of rain water in rain fed areas was essential for better cultivation and bumper yield of crops, therefore, farmers of these areas should timely take steps to save rain water, experts added.

Experts further said that rain fed areas receive two/third portion of annual rain in summer season so farmers should deeply plough in the opposite direction of the slope to save rain water.

Experts advised the corn growers to complete corn sowing in rain fed areas before the start of monsoon rains so that plants could get maximum benefit of rains.