Life is full of juxtapositions, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, bad and good, they all coexist. The existence of such contrast in the middle of the historic city of Lahore amazed me. On the edges of all posh localities we can find shanties and lean-to of the poor which are essential to provide housemaids, drivers, gardeners and other domestic help’s easy approach to these bungalows and mansions. I am not going to go into the detail of how bad we treat workers and how the horrific incidents of child abuse and mistreatment have risen (maybe we know about them more now with a free media).

I have to pass through Shami Road everyday on my way to my office and can see the divide... a divide between two classes, the JCO and the Commissioned Officers! One the left side of the road, hidden behind tall walls are the quarters for the JCO’s small two roomed with a kitchen and toilet – these facilities are meagre for mostly the large families that reside there. Most of the soldiers have large families crowding these premises with broken furniture... a small patch of a garden and a yard. But amazingly these are happy people.

The other side of the road has large bungalows where the officers reside. They have two or three bedrooms, depending on the rank, and a proper kitchen and attached bathrooms, one wonders do the poor not need these things or they don’t deserve these things? Who is to say? Every morning the large cars coming out the right side of the road seem to be making fun of the badly dressed walking women and children who come to wait at the bus stop or are on bicycles and cycles.

The British who ruled us for 200 years have left behind many legacies and this is one on them. Though they have moved on and removed this servile distinction we have maintained it as a religion! It all seems pretty unfair but it goes on, no one complains, though many envy. I wonder everyday who made us God to decide who goes where and gets what? Or does God in his wisdom decide which side of the road anyone is going to be living on. The only place where we are all equal is death, we live, we die and we are buried under mounds of dust... The only place where we have no difference, no religion, no cast, colour or creed!