I traveled to Bahawalpur on 29 June from Taxila. There are number of canals and link canals are located from Jhang to Bahawalpur. I was noticing the state of poor infrastructure as the plight of bridges located on canals adjoining roads is dilapidated, and apparently never maintained. You can feel tremor while passing through those decayed bridges and it was feared that the bridges could be collapsed at any time. I was thinking for how long these outdated bridges could endure the pressure of floating water and the vehicles passing on them. Unfortunately after couple of days a fatal accident happened in Gujranwala of similar nature as I feared but the bridge was not same I used to travel. I request the government officials to establish proper mechanism in order to check the condition of deteriorated bridges regularly and issue funds to local governments on emergent basis for maintenance of outdated infrastructure in order to avoid such mass human loss in future.


Wah Cantt, July 6.