ISLAMABAD: The  Supreme Court (SC) has given another month’s time to Sindh for further clarification about purchase agreement in purchase of arms and armoured personnel carriers case. Farooq H Naik, counsel for Sindh government had made the request to court for granting more time which was accepted by the court.

A 3-member bench of the SC, headed over by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja took up the case for hearing today.  Farooq H Naik counsel for Sindh government appeared in the court and told that the Sindh government had given up the purchase of fire tenders and the government had given no fresh directives in connection with purchase of helicopter.

More time will be given for obtaining instructions from government so that the situation becomes clear about whether the Sindh government wants to continue the arms purchase agreement or iif t wants to discontinue with it.

The court while accepting Farooq H Naik’s plea gave 4 weeks time more to the Sindh government so that it could present further clarification about the purchase agreement.