Berlin Petroleum products launched in Pakistan

LAHORE (PR): Berlin Petroleum (Private) Ltd has launched its products in Pakistan for the first time. These products will be be available locally soon. A Berlin Petroleum representative said, “We at Berlin Petroleum are committed to bring the supreme quality German technology lubricants to Pakistan. Our obsession with quality makes us unique in the lubricant world. That’s why we rightly claim "Berlin is Quality".”

The products have been categorized into consumer products and industrial commercial products. The former of these includes Passenger Car Motor Oil, Diesel Engine and Motor Cycle Oil. The industrial products offered by Berlin Petroleum are Hydraulic Oil and Compressor Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, Cutting Oil, Grease and Generator Oil. Other products that Berlin Petroleum offers include but are not limited to Break Oil, Gear Oil, Coolants, Filters and PSF (Power Steering Fluid).

Plan9 Startup Expo on 19th

LAHORE (PR): Plan9’s Startup Expo, an event especially designed for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, is all set to take place on the 19th July. Start-ups will be able to register for the events with a nominal fee of Rs 1,000. The Startup Expo is a platform where energetic minds come in to display their products and mingle with the local entrepreneurial fraternity as well as international investors. Through the expo, entrepreneurs will not only be able to improve their ideas but also woo investors as well. To further incentivize the bright minds, a cash prize has also been announced for the winning startup. To make sure that all startups are facilitated in the best possible manner, a helpdesk will be operational at the Plan9 office on 7th July from 3:30pm onwards. Plan9 has partnered with SIMSIM to ensure effortless payment through the SIMSIM app. For those who wish to apply online, they can visit and register through the website.