Islamabad - Some days back, local police arrested a group of 50 men and women from a ‘dance party’ that was going on at a hotel in sector G-5 of the capital.

The raiding party found 34 men and 16 women playing loud music and dancing while smoking sheesha and tobacco.

Police booked the participants for alleged obscene acts, misuse of amplifier and violating the tobacco control laws. Official sources said that the raid was conducted on the orders of Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Islamabad while Assistant Commissioner Captain ® Shoaib Ali supervised it in the late hours of Saturday night (July 1).

 They further said that the AC stepped out of his jurisdiction as he is posted in the Industrial Area while the hotel is located in the City Circle, giving strength to the notion that someone has, through the raid, tried to settle a score with either participants of the party or the hotel management.

An FIR was registered under section 294 and 109 of the PPC. According to the FIR, police received a complaint that a party was being organised at the hotel.

Following the incident, a video went viral on social media which showed the faces of the participants. The clips from the video also showed how the police was treating the detainees, as they were seen lying on ground with their hands tied behind their backs with wires. Social media users shared the video extensively, criticising the behaviour of the police towards the people in the video.

However, it was later found to be a fake video which has nothing to do with the raid in question. It ended up clear that the video of another occurrence was probably linked with the incident to gain public sympathy and to malign the police with many people commenting on the poor treatment meted out by the police to the participants of the dance party. A social media user, Ovais Jafar tweeted, “LEAs raided party at hotel in Islamabad; this is how revellers were treated, then video leaked on social media,” also attaching screenshots of the fake video.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Capt ® Mushtaq Ahmed confirmed to The Nation that the video is fake. He lamented the move as an attempt to malign the administration and local police. He said that the action was taken on a complaint. On a question about general public terming the raid as interference in private affairs, he said, “In a hotel nothing is private.”

“If you are celebrating a party in the hotel, other persons present in the premises also have some rights which the authorities must protect,” he said as he justified the raid.   He was of the view that it is up to the social media users how they verify the content. The DC said some still images were also posted on social media by certain quarters which, he said, were genuine.

 The arrested men and women can be seen lying on floor of a room. In another image, the girls arrested from the hotel can be seen standing in a police station.

The posting of fake video highlight the significance of confirming substance that appears on social media. Not everything on the internet is reliable and individuals ought to be careful about such deceiving posts.