Lahore - After the enormous success of the first 3 Chapters of WAJD, Kamli Da Dhola, BhitJaBhitai and Aaj Rung Hai crossing over 10,000,000 views on social media and staying amongst the top charts on Patari since release; HadiqaKiani has released the fourth chapter in Punjabi from WAJD – Volume 1 titled,“Kamli – (Bulleh Shah)” as a tribute to sufi poet Bulleh Shah. Indeed, Hadiqa is one of Pakistan’s most versatile artists who has been seen performing in regional and international languages effortlessly.

The lyrics for “Kamli - (Bulleh Shah)”were originally written by the renowned Sufi poet Baba Bulleh Shah. It features Steive George on the SazBaglama, Baqir Abbas on the flute, Asif Ali Goga on the QawaaliJori, IrfanKiani and Imran Ali on the harmonium.

The breaking vocals for this track are by Irfan, Sakhawat, Sharafat and Imran. The music for this composition is produced and arranged by IrfanKiani.

“I have always been drawn to Baba Bulleh Shah’s poetry and Kamli – (Bulleh Shah) is a tribute to his poetry and work” said HadiqaKiani.

“Kamli – (Bulleh Shah) marks the continuation of the Wajd journey and we feel strongly associated with it as we all visited the shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah and also performed live there for the followers. It is an effort to capture the true essence andspirit of the message spread by Baba Bulleh Shah.” said IrfanKiani.

“Kamli – (Bulleh Shah)” also features a Turkish instrument,Ba?lama- aLute, which is very rarely used by musicians in Pakistan. Prior to the recording of the song,HadiqaKiani paid homage at the shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah in Kasur along with the musicians who were a part of this project. The teaser of the song which has already been released also shows Hadiqa with the musicians at the shrine as captured by Abdullah Haris.

The visualization, direction and post-production for the Punjabi Chapter 4“Kamli – (Bulleh Shah)” has been done by Abdullah Haris, and has been shot in a single-take format in natural daylight. Styling for the video has been done by Noah Ibrahim and WazhmaAwan with hair and make-up by HadiqaKiani Salon.

Our staff reporter