ISLAMABAD - PTI Chairman Imran Khan Thursday said that ruling PML-N should name those state institutions, either army or the Supreme Court, which were conspiring against it.

Talking to media persons at his residence in Bani Gala after attending a party meeting, the PTI chief said that the ruling party should clearly name the institutions which according to them were conspiring against it in connection with the ongoing investigations by the joint investigation team (JIT) against the Sharif family.

He again made it clear that if the ruling party tried to make any adventure to halt the probe, he, along with his supporters, would come out on roads and would launch a protest movement.

“Anywhere in the world leaders were mentioned in Panama Papers, they presented themselves to their nations for accountability starting from British Prime Minister David Cameron and the first of its casualty was Iceland prime minister,” he said.

But the ruling party was trying to discredit and threaten the JIT saying it was a conspiracy against them, he said, questioning, who was hatching this plot? He said till date they had not shown the documents they claimed to have. “The issue is very simple; if the ICIJ document is right and Maryam Nawaz is the real owner of these properties; then this means these properties were bought in 1993 and these were bought by PM Nawaz Sharif from corruption money because children were underage at that time,” he said.

“Instead of producing documents; Sharif family is attacking the institutions, maligning the courts and the forces and then Maryam claims she is saving democracy,” Khan said. “What they tried to do the other day; to threaten the courts by putting people who have drug cases against them on the roads to try and apply force. They are bringing up terms like “judicial coup”.”

Khan said that the whole nation was standing with the Supreme Court and would step out to save the apex court. Khan said, “They say, oh we are doing business; what our crime is”.

“All their businesses came into being after coming into power; taking loans from the national bank and getting them written off. They have no moralities in power. It’s easy to make money if you are in power. He said that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is thinking wrong as if he is innocent. His name is in the Hudiybia Paper Mills case. All members of Sharif family are involved in corruption,” he asserted.

Chairman PTI said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar also spoke about women who were being called to courts and how wrong it was to call Maryam to court like it was their fault. “I want to remind them that Jemima when she was 21-year-old came to Pakistan and they ran a campaign against her in the name of ‘agent of Jew lobby’. Even 13 years after she was divorced they still drag her name in. I remember what they had done to PPP leader Mohtarma Benazir who was my class fellow and what they did with former Chairperson PPP Ms Nusrat Bhutto and people like PTI leader Shireen Mazari. And Firdous Asiq Awan,” he said.

“We are waiting for 10th July. The environment has changed. We never brought people out on 2nd November but watch after 10th July; public will be ready to come out on one call,” he added.

To a question, he said the foreign funding case against PTI, pending with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), was a politically-motivated case completely.

“If collecting money from overseas Pakistani’s is foreign funding, then the government should stop accepting 20 billion dollars that they collect in remittances from them every year,” he said.

Khan said the CIA contractor Raymond Davis case showed that their ruling elite only cared about dollars; they didn’t care about people who were killed and just took dollars in exchange for their lives and let their killer go.