The Joint investigation Team formed by Supreme Court to collect evidence against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif alleged money laundering and money trail for London apartments owned by his son and daughter. JIT has submitted a complain report about State Institution for, SECEP, NAB and SBP, that the heads of these institutions are not cooperating and are also tempering the records to help the PM’s family of illegal and unlawful deeds .It is pathetic to know that how the state institutions has been reduced to the level of personalisation and politicisation by PM that their only function is to serve the personal interest of Sharif family .The heads of these institutions must be held, against the rules of public servant responsibility and for damaging public trust on state. These are worse then traitors. They must be charged for anti state activities. The question is who will bell the so many cats.?


Lahore Cantt, June 14.