AUSTRALIA - An Australian firm has revealed that construction giant Caterpillar has backed its Hadrian X giant truck mounted building robot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour, glueing them into place as it goes.

The $2m deal means the robot, which can work 24 hours day, and finish an entire house in just two days, is a step closer to appearing on building sites around the world.

The two companies will collaborate on the development, manufacturing, sales and services of the bricklaying technology, with a newly established strategic alliance board determining the best ways to get Hadrian into the hands of construction customers in different countries.

Caterpillar will also have an option to invest a further USD$8 million in Fastbrick Robotics.

Fastbrick Robotics Managing Director Mike Pivac said: ‘Fastbrick Robotics is delighted to sign a MOU with Caterpillar and welcomes the company as a new shareholder.

‘Caterpillar is a globally recognised industry leader, and we look forward to collaborating with the company and uniting our teams to share ideas, pursue innovation and explore opportunities to commercialise our unique technology.’

It can put down 1,000 bricks an hour using a 30m boom, allowing it to stay in a single position while it builds a house. Fastbrick, the firm behind it, says it could revolutionise building. CEO Mike Pivac said:’We are a frontier company, and we are one step closer to bringing fully automated, end to end 3D printing brick construction into mainstream.

‘We’re very excited to take the world first technology we proved with the Hadrian 105 demonstrator and manufacturing a state of the art machine.’ Instead of traditional cement, Hadrian X will use a construction glue. ‘By utilising a construction adhesive rather that traditional mortar, the Hadrian X will maximise the speed of the build and strength and thermal effeciency of the final structure,’ the firm sai