Senator John McCain has changed his stance on Pakistan’s role in War on Terror as soon as he landed on Afghan soil. In a statement, he asked Pakistan to stop supporting Haqqani and other terror networks that are destabilising Afghanistan, still holding Pakistan responsible for all the failures of America and Afghanistan. This shift from the appreciative rhetoric he used in Pakistan is not new, and must make Pakistani diplomats realise that there are no friends in the US, only opportunists.

Considering the affairs of Afghanistan post-American invasion objectively, Pakistan is the only country in the region that is suffering from the spillover effects of war. ‘Physicians for Social Responsibility’, (PSR), has compiled a report to count casualties as a direct outcome of War on Terror. The report, titled ‘Body Count’, estimates that Pakistan’s loss of human bodies is somewhere between 80-81 thousand in the first decade of the war. Similarly, Economic Survey of Pakistan 2016-17 estimates that Pakistan has suffered $126 billion since the country had decided to fight the American war of revenge.

The ongoing military offensive against militants in North Waziristan Agency makes no distinction between good and bad Taliban. The most horrific repercussion of this operation was the APS attack. Young Pakistani kids and their families faced the brunt of the American war against Taliban. Pakistan knows the fact way better than any other country that cultivating a militant ideology on the basis of religion will backfire. In recent years, Pakistani forces have targeted some high profiles of Haqqani network. Yet, America fails to acknowledge Pakistan’s efforts.

The tone and language of the remarks made by Senator McCain and other members of the delegation suggest that Pakistan will be made a scapegoat for American troops’ failure in Afghanistan. Our diplomats must not fool themselves into thinking that there is any improvement in the Pak-US relationship - it is antagonistic and stagnant. There has to be an extreme effort to lobby US legislators to soften to Pakistan, and no one seems to be taking this up seriously in Washington DC.