The experts are sounding strong warnings every now and then about fast approaching drought like situation as early as 2025 as water crisis is worsening, there is no adequate major water storage facilities and the precious water keeps going into the seas as a waste for decades together. 

The political parties are bracing themselves for July 25 general elections and highlighting their priorities while addressing public meetings here and there without in any manner mentioning multi-purpose but criticized, condemned and scrapped Kalabagh dam which has been investigated and researched extensively and can be constructed in six years period to generate 2400 to 3600 megawatt of cheap electricity and storage of more than seven million acres of feet water for irrigation purposes in all four provinces. 

In all fairness, construction of Kalabagh dam is direly needed for overcoming lingering energy crisis and worsening water shortage situation in all parts of the country. 

All sensible and right thinking Pakistanis are sincerely requested to give this matter serious consideration for sake of the Federation of Pakistan and their future generation and only vote for those political parties who are in favour of construction of multi-purpose Kalabagh dam . Please remember construction of the major storage facility more than 40 years after Tarbela dam is a matter of survival of the people of entire Pakistan and not life and death for one or two provinces whose politicians are opposing Kalabagh dam construction blindly merely on their petty political and vested interests over and above supreme national interests quite regretfully. . 

They must vote for the political parties who want construction of Kalabagh dam as it is a matter of doing it or commiting suicide en masse for want of drop of water, averting war between the provinces over water and the onrushing drought like situation (God-forbid), please. Thanks. 


Lahore, June 18.