LAHORE-Sung by HadiqaKayani and Harshdeep Kaur the song ‘Ik Pal’ from Asim Raza’s upcoming film ‘Parey Hut Love’ is a celebratory and colourful rendition of the old Punjabi wedding Tappa, and features a backdrop of the majestic Noor Mehal in Bahawalpur.

The beautifully shot wedding sequence encompasses everything festive with images of lit dias, parrots and lotus flowers in the backdrop.

Along with the star cast, this song also features Meera Jee. We reached out to the music director Azaan Sami Khan who gave us some insight into the vision behind the melodious tune, “For the mood and vibe of the song, the idea was always to make a festive dance track that’s rooted in our own culture and music.

He further added, “As a composer I couldn’t be more grateful to have such beautiful visuals to a song that I made. It’s incredible to see the lengths Asim Raza, Sheheryar and the entire Parey Hut Love team went to, ensure this song is mounted on a scale that it is right now.”

Producer designer, Hina Farooqi said: “Ik pal is an extremely festive, upbeat punjabi number so while creating its visuals we followed that particular language of festivity and grandeur. The larger than life visuals were achieved by building a large pavilion with the majestic Noor Mehal as the back drop. The set was decorated with flowers, foliage, lights and a few elements of local craft like colourful parrots etc.” She further added: “Another very important factor is that the clothes and styling go hand in hand with the set, decor and location. There is a misconception that production design means just set, which is not the case. Everything on that screen needs to gel in together to make that a visual treat. From the biggest thing like the location to the most minute detail like the earring of a supporting cast in the background, all needs to be thought through and consistent.”

‘Parey Hut Love’ is all set to release on Eid-Ul-Azha.