The trend of using mobile applications for making videos has not slowed down at all. Recently, TikTok emerged as one of the most popular apps to create fun short videos. Millions of monthly users in Pakistan are scrolling, posting, and liking TikTok videos. Not only is it a source of fun, but is also making people famous.

Recently, I have seen many of my friends getting recognition from their Tik Tok fans and followers for their acting and singing skills.

TikTok allows users to showcase their skills by acting out on famous dialogs & audios, creative stickers, and other features present in the app. Many of them did not get the chance to show their skills on large platforms. TikTok allows them to show their talents through short videos. Those videos can also be shared on multiple social media platforms. If the videos are uploaded with appropriate hashtags, they can also go viral.

TikTok is, therefore, a great platform for common people like us to shine.