HAFIZABAD   -   The PPP observed black day to condemn the toppling of the party government led by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and imposition of martial law in 1977.

Hundreds of the PPP activists organised a public meeting, which was addressed by the party Acting District President Muhammad Yaseen Sandhu, founding member and former DBA president Muhammad Arshad Mehind, PM Safdar Kharl, Syed Musaddaq Hussain Shah Ghazanvi and Shafique Rahi.

On the occasion, they said that late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was martyred by the dictator under a well-planned international conspiracy. They further said that the activists of PPP had thwarted the conspiracies of previous dictators and are determined to foil conspiracies of the incumbent “selected” government. They vowed that the PPP workers could not be intimidated by the negative tactics including arrest of its leaders. They advised the rulers to desist from “coward tactics” and devise measures to bring down the prices of all essential commodities and medicines. They also urged the rulers to focus on eliminating unemployment and poverty from the country instead of targeting political opponents.

Six PML-N activists arrested

The district administration has arrested six activists of PML-N who were preparing stage and placing chairs at Cinema ground for the party’s Sunday rally.

The PML-N has decided to hold a political rally in Mandibahauddin at all cost while local administration has refused permission.