Senator Sirajul Haq, the Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami, has said that the accountability process has become a tool of political victimisation, exposing all claims of the PTI to strengthen the anti-corruption regime after coming into power.

Talking to different delegation at Mansoora on Tuesday, he criticised the government for allowing the KE to increase the rate of electricity. He said the government left no stone unturned to make the life of the people miserable. He said the rulers had made a full surrender before the IMF and destroyed the economy completely.

He also expressed grave concern over the atrocities being committed in Kashmir and Palestine, saying the silence of the international community on the crimes against humanity in held areas was criminal. He said Pakistani government failed to fight the case of Kashmir and expose Indian plans.

Meanwhile, the JI Majlise Aamla in a resolution stated that the prime minister is the person responsible to preserve democratic system from any collapse possibly occurring due to the policies of the present government. It was matter of grave concern that national institutions were collapsing due to the ill planning of the PTI, it said. The PTI policies, stated the resolution, also led to the destruction of economy.

The Majlise Aamla demanded the government announce opening of Madaris and educational institutions as their closure for indefinite period brought irreparable loss the education of millions of students.