PESHAWAR - The Awami National Par­ty Provincial President Aimal Wali Khan has asked the federal gov­ernment to immediate­ly release Rs. 100 billion fund for the uplift of the merged districts and au­thorize the elected mem­bers to utilize the fund for the betterment of their respective constit­uencies.

Addressing a press conference Aimal Wali Khan said that President Arif Alvi had no author­ity to talk about 18th Constitutional Amend­ment. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet mem­bers had always criti­cized 18th Amendment and wanted to reverse it, but the opposition parties would not al­low government to re­verse the 18th Amend­ment. Aimal Wali Khan said if the federal gov­ernment tried to make any amendment in 18th Constitutional Amend­ment, the ANP would fully resist it and their center of protest would be Liaqat Bagh, Rawal­pindi.

He accused the fed­eral government of not fulfilling the promise to release Rs. 100 billion developmental funds. The ANP leader said that the KP government was also not interested in se­curing the rights of hy­dal profit, a handsome amount of Rs 550 billion. “If Punjab government stops the supply of wheat then Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa has the right to halt the power supply from Turbela Dam,” he said.

Aimal also demanded provision of internet fa­cility in merged districts as there was no facilities to get online education.