PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa Mahmood Khan has di­rected all the provincial depart­ments to carefully review their respective laws having conflicts with the laws of other depart­ments and to propose necessary amendments so that such discrep­ancies in laws could be removed.

Presiding over provincial cabi­net meeting here Monday, he also directed that the provincial cab­inet be given detailed briefing on the latest situation of rules formu­lated so far under the laws passed during the tenure of the incum­bent and previous provincial gov­ernments.

He further said that all those de­partments, who have not yet for­mulated rules under their new legislations, should immediately make rules and submit for subse­quent approval of the provincial cabinet.

Mahmood Khan also directed for detailed briefing to the pro­vincial cabinet in its next meeting about the implementation status on all the decisions taken by the incumbent cabinet. Besides the cabinet members, the meeting was attended by additional chief secretary and administrative sec­retaries of the concerned depart­ments.

The Chief Minister termed the fast track promotion of construc­tion and housing sectors as one of the priority areas of his govern­ment and said the provincial gov­ernment as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking effective measures to attract max­imum private investment in these sectors to create maximum em­ployment opportunities and boost economic activities in the prevail­ing Corona situation. However, he said that the protection of agricul­tural lands would also be ensured at all cost.

He urged the need to have a comprehensive strategy to pro­tect agriculture lands and directed that all relevant departments to sit together and devise a workable strategy for the purpose. He laud­ed the Mineral Development De­partment for record collection of revenue worth Rs. 3.25 billion this year as compared to Rs. 2.10 bil­lion during last year and directed that all other departments to im­prove their performance with re­gard to revenue collection.

Later briefing the media about the decisions taken by the KP Cab­inet, Advisor to Chief Minister on Information Ajmal Wazir said that the cabinet had formally approved necessary amendments in the Lo­cal Government Act 2019 in order to promote economic activities and employment opportunities by facilitating the construction and private housing sectors. Un­der these amendments the entire cumbersome process of obtain­ing NOCs and approval of building plans for private housing schemes had been made easier to encour­age and attract private sector in­vestment.

Similarly, the rights of consum­ers and private investors have also been protected through these amendments.

Ajmal Wazir said the cabinet had also approved a mechanism for signing of Memorandum of Under­standing in public sector. Accord­ing to the approved mechanism, prior approval of the cabinet has been made mandatory for all the MoUs involving financial implica­tions in government funding.

However, the approval of the MoU involving only technical as­sistance would be taken from the Chief Minister through summary. The cabinet has also approved the proposed amendments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mines & Minerals Act 2017 adding two additional members to Minerals Titles Com­mittee.

The cabinet, on public demand, also approved change in the no­menclature of Bagh Dehari Irri­gation Scheme to Shamozai Irri­gation Scheme in District Swat. Similarly the meeting approved the de-federalization of Chi­tral-Ayun-Bamboreet Road hand­ing over its control to Communica­tion & Works Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Ajmal Wazir said that the cab­inet also approved appointment of Professor Tasbihullah as Direc­tor Higher Education Research & Training.

Similarly, the cabinet okayed en­hancement in the approval scope of Departmental Development Working Party (DDWP) from Rs. 100 million to Rs. 200 million for the approval of developmental schemes.

The cabinet after threadbare dis­cussion on the proposed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Healthcare Service Providers & Facilities (Prevention of Violence & Damage to Proper­ty) Act 2020, decided to consti­tute a cabinet committee headed by Provincial Health Minister to further fine tune the draft law and submit the same to the cabinet for approval in the next meeting.