LAHORE - Governor Punjab  Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the government and its allies were on the same page and determined to solve peole’s probelms.

Talking to a party delegation led by Allama Asif Alvi at the Governor’s House here on Monday, he said the opposition parties were pursuing their own vested interests through protests and conspiracies against the government.

Governor said that there is no other leader like Prime Minister Imran Khan because 220 million Pakistanis trust him completely. 

He said the government and allied parties are united for the development and prosperity of the country but the opposition parties which have made big claims of protest against the government vowing to protect personal interests. 

Opposition parties pursuing their own vested interests through protests, conspiracies against govt,

says Sarwar

“The opposition parties are working for personal aggrandizement and these opposition parties have been completely exposed in front of the nation”, he said.  He said the governmmt will foil all attempts to destabilize the country and the governmmt will lead

the country successfully.

Governor said COVID-19 pandemic was not yet over and the people must adopt precautionary measures

to avoid health hazards.

Sarwar strongly condemned the unprovoked firing of Indian  forces on the Line of Control (LoC) and said that we are proud of our armed forces.  He said India is pursuing a policy of destroying peace in the region and unprovoked Indian firing on the LoC is also terrorism.

He said that international organizations including the United Nations should take notice of Indian terrorism and stop the menace in Kashmir.  Sarwar said Narendra Modi’s government must stop atrocities against innocent Kashmiris immediately and the United Nations should abide by its resolutions and give  Kashmiris the right to self-determination.