ISLAMABAD               -        The sub-committee to develop a comprehensive strategy to mitigate issues relating to Balochistan would submit Terms of Reference [ToRs] to main committee next week. The sub-committee, chaired by Minister IPC Fehmida Mirza, has been assigned to form ToRs for the working of the committee around a week ago. The main committee will start its working on the basis of ToRs compiled to address the reservations of political parties from Balochistan including Balochistan National Party[Mengal] and  Jamhoori Watan Party [JWP]. The PTI’s government had formed a committee to address the reservations of political parties from Balochistan. BNP-Mengal, expressing the reservation with ruling party [PTI], had also break its alliance and preferred to sit on opposition benches in centre. The BNP-M had earlier threatened to distance itself from alliance. Both the parliamentary parties from Balochistan (BNP-M) and JWP are annoyed with the federal government for not fulfilling their promises and pledges made with them about Balochistan. The senior members of the ruling party [PTI] had also made failed attempts to convince BNP-Mengal last week, but the members from the national party even voted against the government in the federal budget. The ruling party member also held a series of meetings with JWP’s chief to assure him for addressing his reservations very soon.