islamabad           -         Tom Hanks has described his experience of coronavirus after becoming one of the first high profile stars to test positive with the disease. The actor, 63, and his wife Rita Wilson, 63, both contracted COVID-19 in early March while Hanks was filming Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis Presley biopic in Australia. The actor described his symptoms before slamming those who don’t take precautions against the virus. Both Tom and Rita were hospitalized for several days in Australia and then continued their recovery in quarantine, before flying home to Los Angeles where they continued to self-isolate.

Speaking about his stay in hospital, Tom explained he was initially worried about his prognosis due to underlying health conditions: ‘When we were in the hospital, I said: “I’m 63, I have type 2 diabetes, I had a stent in my heart - am I a red flag case? But as long as our temperatures did not spike, and our lungs did not fill up with something that looked like pneumonia, they were not worried. I’m not one who wakes up in the morning wondering if I’m going to see the end of the day or not. I’m pretty calm about that.”’