The post February 18 scenario of Pakistan, especially your desperation echoed in the media in the last few days should make you go for self-reflection and seriously ponder an honourable exit as President of Pakistan. The two major political parties having a mandate in the parliament and almost all the major players, barring a few ones, have repeatedly demanded your departure to pave the way for undiluted democracy. In the unfortunate scenario of you deciding to pack the current nascent assemblies through the infamous article 58(2b), this action will only serve to further aggravate and destabilize the country and create chaos and lawlessness in a country plagued by serious economic and constitutional crises. You know very well that most of your decisions and actions in recent years particularly the sacking of the CJP and proclaiming November 3 2007 emergency as COAS had a devastating effect on country's institutions and caused internal polarisation, with which we are still trying to deal with. You must realise that your desire to stick to power will not be taken to mean you are Pakistan's saviour. Would you like to be remembered in history as someone who usurped power, damaged democracy and systematically destroyed state institutions? -DR SAFIULLAH AFGHAN, Coventry, UK, via e-mail, May 24.