A powerful blast inside a mosque in Haygai Sharqi in Upper Dir has left 42 worshippers including 12 children dead. The bomber was identified and forced to stop soon after he sneaked into the mosque. That however, did not prevent him from blowing himself up. The death toll could have been much higher, had the bomber succeeded in making it to the middle of the crowd of over 400 people. The area is thought to be the one of the strongholds of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. Consequently, the people there had formed a Lashkar and set up various checkpoints to prevent the Taliban from moving into this area. The attack appears to be an attempt by militants to teach the locals a lesson. But how could one justify an attack on a mosque, the house of God? This would lead one to the conclusion that those who have been waging an armed movement in Swat and elsewhere ostensibly for the imposition of Shariat have a hidden agenda. They are least interested in Islam. The ANP leadership got it right in saying that those who carried out the attack are neither Muslims nor human beings. Besides, this is not the first attack on a mosque and proves the extreme mindset of the perpetrators. In March 2009, an attack in a Khyber agency mosque left a number of worshipers dead. In the meanwhile, the whole nation should be on guard for these occurrences as long as the military operation reaches its logical end. Militants are on the run and their sanctuaries under fire but as the attack on the ISI headquarters in Lahore and now in Dir, shows, the terrorists will retaliate wherever they can. Likewise there are reports indicating that the explosives laden vehicles have been making it to major cities. In such a scenario, our law enforcement agencies and the security establishment would have to make greater effort to ensure that the enemies of the state do not succeed in their nefarious designs.