Observing that the ISI continues to maintain links with terror outfits like the LeT and JuD, a former top CIA official says the US needs to be tough with the Pakistani establishment and send a clear message to it that it cannot pursue a policy of "selective counter-terrorism." Pointing out that the ISI today is in a "mortal battle" with the Pakistani Taliban in the restive Swat valley, Bruce Riedel, who co-chaired the inter-agency committee of the Obama Administration which formulated the Af-Pak policy, said Islamabad has been pursuing "selective counter-terrorism" measures. "In the Swat Valley, the Pakistani army and the ISI are fighting a very serious struggle against a part of the jihadist infrastructure. ISI has also been helpful in fighting part of the Al-Qaeda infrastructure. "But the complexity, the problem is that ISI continues to have relations with groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, and with the Afghan Taliban. It is a very complex picture. It's selective counter-terrorism. What we need is uniform counter-terrorism," Mr Riedel said.