LAHORE - 'Presidential controversy in the Lahore High Court Bar Association has taken a new turn on Saturday when supremo Hamid Khans group held 'self-arranged elections in which Justice (r) Nasira Iqbal was declared 'president. Consequently, the LHCBA will have two 'self-sustaining presidents, while both enjoying almost equal number of friends and foes on both sides of the divide black-coats, which has perturbed the lawyer community thinking the episode has caused a bad name to the community, which earned laurels for restoring the independent judiciary. Secretary of the incumbent LHCBA Muqtidar Akhtar Shabbir rejected the polls, asserting that it was a drama staged by a 'special group, while supposedly an unceremoniously exited president Munawar Gondal challenged the 'elections before Punjab Bar Council, as being an illegal move by the supremos of the movement for the restoration of judiciary. The PbBCs committee, headed by chairman executive committee Arif Kamal Noon, has summoned both sides on June 10 to resolve the issue. As per announcement made by Chairman 'self-constituted Election Board Saeed Ansari declared that Nasira Iqbal victorious - bagged 715 votes - while her opponent Nisar Kausar was caught in the nervous nineties as he secured 97 in polls, with the lowest turnout in history as it did not touch the double figure even, that is, 9.70 per cent. The number of total eligible voters in the bar is 8440, while only 819 were cast with Nasira managed to get confidence of only 8.47 voters. Interestingly lawyers from more than 19 district bars and 61 Tehsil Bar Associations are the members of the LHCBA, but only a handful of them reached Lahore to cast vote. Explaining the reasons of low turn out, Nasiras supporters maintained that this was a by-election being held for only one seat. Moreover, the clouds of uncertainty hovering over holding of by-election also kept the voters at bay, they opined. Credibility of these elections will always remain doubtful as a large number of voters stayed away from the polls saying they will not exercise their right of votes in what they believe are controversial elections, said a lawyer, who did not vote despite the fact he was there at the LHC premises for at least couple of hours. Why should I become the part of a controversial election? he quizzed. No traditional festivity was witnessed at the venue, as only the lawyers belonging to a 'special group, were gathered there. In her 'victory speech Nasira said she would make all out efforts to restore Bars dignity and would work along with the rest of the members, elected in the previous polls. Muqtidar Akhtar Shabbir also issued a press statement saying the Bar had reposed confidence in Munawar Gondal on Friday through a resolution and Saturdays election was a drama staged by a group having vested interest. Other lawyers were of the view that he rule of 'might is right could be used in future by others, as it would open floodgates for those with 300 or 400 men on their side to declare 'right is not might. They will overpower a cabinet and instead impose their own one, said a senior lawyer requesting anonymity. I am not favouring Gondal, but it is a bad tradition that had hugely dented Bars dignity. Gondal should also have left the office to protest against the highhandedness of a few. The election had not been held in a transparent manner, as one group is calling the shots. They are themselves self-appointed righteous men of the Bar, he averred. It had happened for the first time in the Bars history that two lawyers are claiming themselves as presidents. If Nasira would be given a clean chit by the Punjab Bar Council, she would be the third woman president of Bar after Rabia Sultan Qari and Fakhar-un-Nisa Khokhar. Meanwhile Peoples Lawyers Forum Punjab has said the so-called election drama staged by Hamid Khan Group for the office of president was unconstitutional and illegal. In a statements issued here on Saturday, Sardar Khurram Latif Khan Khosa, Malik Nasir Ahmad Awan, Rana Sufian Arshad, Khalid Hashmi and Shaista Qaisar said a shameful act by an opponent group had damaged the sanctity of the prestigious Bar. They strongly condemned that the 'other group trespassed Bars premises on Saturday, and got the Possession of Karachi Shuhada Hall, while acting violently to stage their election drama.