A recent strike call by JSQM, using the name of MQM, paralyzed the city of Karachi. These Sindhi nationalists like Paleejo and Mumtaz Bhutto get hardly any seat in the Sindhi territory of the province but always succeed in shutting down Karachi. This only goes to show how incompetent the Sindh provincial governments usually are. If the Sindh governments had any life in them, the nationalist parties should have been banned. The present government of Sindh has only one priority; autonomy. That, incidentally, coincides with the JSQM agenda. I think Islamabad should not take decisions it cannot get implemented. The defeat Islamabad has had on the issue of bringing IDPs to Sindh has only served to erode credibility of the central government. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, May 26.