Sindhi nationalist parties are protesting against the influx of IDPs in Sindh and MQM is supporting them. The IDPs, being fellow Pakistanis, must be helped but the government of Sindh is showing the traditional lethargy in the registering process. The repercussions of this lassitude might prove fatal as experience of the 80s shows when thousands of Afghan refugees, displaced by the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, were freely allowed to settle in Karachi and other urban centers. Since then two powerful communities in the city have made hectic attempts to enlarge their electoral strength by inviting outsiders to settle in Karachi at the expense of peace and tranquility of the metropolis. The presence of a large number of illegal foreigners had already greatly disturbed the social, economic and administrative fabric of the city, which has had a negative impact on Sindh and the entire country at large. Moreover, all economic activities have been monopolized by the above-mentioned communities and the natives of Sindh have been denied jobs and business opportunities. -GULSHER PANWHER, Johi, Dadu, via e-mail, May 23.