Our intelligence agencies are reported to have arrested four persons working for Indian spy agency RAW during raids at different places in Lahore on May 19. The suspected agents, residents of Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib and Kamonke, were Pakistani Muslims working for India. Initial investigation revealed that the accused used to enter India from the border area of Badho Malhi from where the Indian agents would take them to Amritsar. They were being paid Rs 40, 000 in exchange of completing one assigned task. Pakistani police had arrested eight Indian spies sometime earlier also. They were planning to attack installations and politicians across the violence-wracked country. The arrests were made in Abbotabad, Mirpur and Rahimyar Khan. Authorities in Pakistan are confirmed to be in possession of credible evidence implicating Indian government and agencies in the March 3 attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore. -MARYA MUFTI, Lahore, via e-mail, May 23.