ISLAMABAD - The inflation measured through Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) increased by 10.53 per cent for the low-income group during the week ended on June 4, as compared to the corresponding period of the last financial year. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the inflation for the income group of Rs 3000 has surged by 10.25 per cent on yearly basis while it enhanced by 0.32 per cent on weekly basis. The SPI inflation was recorded at 11.01 for the income group of Rs 3001 to Rs 5000 during the week, followed by 12.64 per cent for the groups falling under the category of having income from Rs 5001 to Rs 12000. The inflation for high-income group (Above Rs 12000) soared by 11.62 per cent over the same period of the last fiscal year. Inflation for the combined income group (average of all income groups) went up 10.67 per cent over the corresponding week of last year while a slight increase of 0.26 per cent was recorded on weekly basis. The prices of 23 essential commodities increased and of seven items declined during the week whereas 23 remained unchanged. The SPI bulletin, based on data of 53 items, was collected from 17 urban centres. The prices of following goods increased both on a yearly and weekly basis. On a yearly basis, the goods which witnessed increase in prices include; tomatoes 92.71 per cent, potatoes 11.58 per cent, milk powdered 14.39 per cent, egg 2.93 per cent, gur 85.12 per cent, mutton 14.06 per cent, LPG (11 kg cylinder) 7.99 per cent, masoor pulse washed 3.96 per cent, onions 27.88 per cent, washing soap 12.81 per cent, salt 21.26 per cent, mash pulse washed 17.71 per cent, garlic 0.99 per cent, sugar 50.40 per cent, beef 18.80 per cent and fresh milk 18.77 per cent. However, the prices of the following commodities declined on a weekly basis but increased on a yearly basis, chicken 25.02 per cent, wheat average quality 15.68 per cent, wheat flour 17.76 per cent, curd 17.95 per cent, and kerosene 18.57 per cent. The following items did not show any change on the weekly basis but increased on a yearly basis; bread plain 18.11 per cent, tea packet 38.89 per cent, tea prepared 17.89 per cent, cooked beef plate 15.14 per cent, cooked dal plate 12.99 per cent cigarettes (K-2) 13.89 per cent, lawn 4.07 per cent, voil printed 5.98 per cent, shirting 7.60 per cent and diesel 12.10 per cent.