IN the backdrop of Israeli commandoes' barbaric attack on 'Freedom Flotilla' on May 30, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wish to join the struggle to break the three-year old inhuman blockade of Gaza, by boarding the next humanitarian ship sailing towards the besieged strip, is an act of defiant courage, worthy of emulation by the rest of the Muslim world. It is time other right thinking people also joined the Muslims and stepped up their efforts to save the 1.5 million Gazans from hunger, ill-health and death and work together for a just solution of the Palestinian issue. In the unprovoked raid, it hardly needs recounting, the Israeli commandoes had killed nine Turkish peace activists aboard one of the ships in a humanitarian flotilla carrying 10,000 tons of food, medical supplies, toys and construction material. Aboard were about 600 peaceful supporters of Palestinians from 36 different lands, including a Nobel Laureate and European parliamentarians. Pressure has since been building up on Tel Aviv to lift the blockade and agree to an international investigation of its outrageous act of murdering unarmed civilians. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is the latest to call for an international commission to see whether there was any truth behind the Israeli allegation the passengers had weapons or the activists were only armed with a strong sentiment of sympathy for the poor wretched Gazans. There have also been angry protests almost everywhere. Even the US has now felt compelled to term the blockade "unsustainable", though President Obama's words have a ring of allusion to the flotilla posing danger to Israeli security. While talking about the need to convert the "tragic situation" into "an opportunity", he stressed, "the importance of finding better ways to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza without undermining Israel's security", without spelling out what "better ways" could there be in the face of an adamant brute like the state of Israel. The truth is that the first step on the way to ensuring Israeli security is for the Americans to change their way of looking at the Middle Eastern scenario. It is the US that has pampered the Jewish entity into a bully, feeding it with atomic secrets, regular and massive financial assistance and shameless support to its wild acts of brigandage at every international forum. But for the Americans to alter this course, they have first to comprehend the unavoidable fallout for their strategic interests if they were to continue pursuing their present policies. The intense hatred that these policies have generated among Muslims of the world would ultimately cost it dearly. Obama's speech at Cairo early last year notwithstanding, there has been little change in the US attitude that could have initiated the process of winning back the Muslims. It is up to them now to forge a united front and resist its aggressive designs against them to get out of this apparent cul-de-sac.