ISLAMABAD (APP) - President and Co-Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari has directed party organisations and legislators in Sindh and Balochistan to mobilise the party workers for speeding up relief work in the wake of torrential rains in Karachi and other areas and also gear up for meeting any eventuality due to the approaching cyclone Phet that is likely to hit the countrys coastal areas on Sunday. Low lying areas in Karachi have already submerged under water due to torrential rains and water supply to city from Hub pumping station is suspended as heavy downpour is forecast during the next 36 hours. Power supply to Thatta has also been cut off due to rains. A directive issued on Sunday by the Party Co-Chairman said that although the federal and provincial governments, the armed forces and relevant institutions of the state are already on the alert to meet any contingency, it was no less important that the party workers were also mobilised to assist in the relief work and also rescue mission if the need arose. Spokesperson former Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the Party Co-Chairman directed that Party Senators, MNAs and MPAs particularly from Sindh and Balochistan must also be fully involved in the plans drawn by the Party organisations for the relief work and for meeting any eventuality due to cyclone Phet. The President further directed the provincial party presidents that they should be kept posted with the arrangements made by the party in this regard. He also directed the Interior Ministry which is monitoring cyclone through a special cell to keep him posted with the latest situation.