I am an electrical engineer by profession and works in a multinational company. As a victim of democratic rule, I would like to comment on this system and its fruits. I hope my words are worthy enough to be published in your esteemed daily. People in Pakistan have seen all kinds of democracies, and they are tired of it now. People have no hope whatsoever in the running political system. All the policies that were implemented in Mush regime are continued as it is. Even, we see more submission with every passing day. The frequency of USA with which USAs ambassadors and technocrats visit our land is amazing; it seems that they are working on some dangerous policy. It is clear to masses that these visits are destined to monitor the governments steps to achieve American objectives in the region. Democracy has not totally failed in foreign relations; it has also blessed people with the gifts of inflation, unemployment, higher crime rate, corruption, suicide and many others. Thanks to electricity problem, we are bound to live in darkness for hours and hours. It seems that govt. has perfected the art of achieving nothing year after year. Despite all these facts, some people still argue that democracy is the way forward for Pakistan. They defend all the current chaos by saying that we need to develop democratic culture as India and everything will be fine. In India, democracy has served same fruits to people for more than fifty years. Income disparity is so much that Indian government has to cover the slums during Common Wealth games as their image of Asian tiger was endangered. Same democracy has ruled in Chile for more than 140 years and conditions were no more different there. In fact, the only solution to Muslims and non-Muslims is the end of democratic rule all around the world which produce people like Mukesh Ambani who have unlimited wealth and there are millions and millions who die of hunger in the same society. There are people who have got more wealth than the entire countries. There are companies who have more assets than whole states. Democracy always creates a situation, where everything is for the rich and nothing for the poor and India is an example in this regard.The longer you allow it to rule, the intense will be income disparity in society. Therefore, the only way to give humans relief is to re-establish an Islamic state as it is the only way Muslims and non-Muslims can live in peace. Non-Muslims in Islamic state were treated with respect and were subjected to taxes as per Islamic rule. Thats the reason why Jews were in a great number in Spain as they were able to find peace and prosperity under Islamic rule. Its time for Islamic political parties to reject Democracy and work for a real change, a change of system, rather than change of faces. Democracy cant deliver as it allows people to make laws for themselves with no constant and permanent criteria of right or wrong. Thats why this system can never bring peace and justice to society. MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH ANSARI, Lahore, June 5.