There is absolutely nothing wrong in Prime Minister Gilanis call made in a meeting with Chief Minister Aslam Raisani in Quetta to the Baloch disgruntled elements to come to the negotiating table. He also expressed the 'hope that the missing persons belonging to the province would be recovered soon. This was followed by Rehman Malik who stated that if all those insurgents who have taken to the mountains give up their struggle, the cases filed against them would be quashed. But since such statements and offers of truce have been made in the past and no concrete measures taken afterwards, there is reason to believe that Prime Ministers gesture again is devoid of conviction. The angry Baloch only demand restoration of their due rights and an end to the highhandedness with which their province continues to be ruled by the Centre. One of the most important points currently being overlooked is that the Baloch people want to be treated with respect. It is a crying shame that the one sentence prescription written in the British Government handbook that 'honour the Baloch has been completely disregarded by the incumbent set-up. Also one must not forget the advice of late Akbar Bugti that although the veteran leaders were soft in their stance, the new generation of the leaders are hard-liners and hence should be dealt with caution and more respect. The present democratic government was expected to hold a dialogue with these leaders but three years have passed, and the Prime Minister is still seen making statements behind closed doors, which would only further increase the prevailing sense of marginalisation. There have been various moves like the formation of Parliamentary Committee on Balochistan during the tenure of the previous regime but the committees head Mushahid Hussains plain and bold confession that hawks within the military establishment were creating roadblocks in implementation of its recommendations shows in a clear way the forces that have been denying the province its rights. President Zardari then came on the scene and tendered an apology to the people for past wrongs but he simply did nothing afterwards. No Baloch leader was ever contacted, except for the Aaghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package that has delivered virtually nothing. The province has suffered years of exploitation and ruled as if a colony by the Centre. It is, therefore, no surprise that foreign elements and our enemies have found it a fertile ground to spread their tentacles and hit blows at the countrys stability. The Prime Minister should not wait for the Baloch to respond to his call. They rarely respond to drying room calls that reek of arrogance and superiority. If he is really serious, he should himself take the first step and personally reach out to them.