Christina Lamb once wrote a book named 'Waiting for Allah. She wrote in her book that after visiting a number of places in Pakistan and after meeting a number of Pakistanis, she witnessed a particular identical behavior wherever she went; that the people dont have thoughts and plans about their future. Hence she reached the conclusion that all were waiting for a miracle to happen and suddenly change their lives. Though she wrote this almost two decades earlier but we are still standing in this position, although now we are living even in a worse situation. Just think that how many times our land, people, bazaars, institutions, check post, training institute, banks, military, security installations have been targeted by the militants. We suffered countless bombings from various means and have lost thousands of people but we have been so much desensitized that now any incident of bombing dont catch our attention till it brings some higher number of casualties. It looks as if we have accepted all this as a part of routine After Osamas death, a series of fatal attacks started including suicide attack on Charsadda Military academy, attack on Saudi Consulate, assassination of Saudi diplomat, attack on security forces check post in Peshawar, attack on vehicles of American consulate, attack on the NATO oil tankers in tribal areas, lethal attack on PNS Mehran base, attack on Peshawar CID, attack in Hungoo and killing of the journalist Saleem Shehzad. Did we realized how deadly 'May we had Is our leadership worried for the day by day deteriorating security situation of the country? My countrys situation and our leaders response reminds me of some leaders from history. For instance, the Egyptian Commander Field Marshall Abdul Hakeem Amir, who after getting defeated from Israel committed suicide Jamal Abdul Nasir, who resigned from Presidency, though millions of people, forced him to take back his resignation yet he died due to heart attack after it As in 1974, Richard Nixon didnt declare the recordings of Water-Gate Scandal, propaganda. He accepted his mistakes and presented his resignation in front of Congress. We are becoming the victim of propaganda. The lapses whether they are leadership lapses or military lapses are giving an impression to world that we are not capable in protecting our public from terrorist attacks. It will ultimately give a chance to the international community to demand that their nuclear program should be rolled back. Our missiles are mobilized and deployed, and hence its not easy to locate them. The story that the militants can attack them is pure fiction and propaganda on the part of our enemies like India and US. We must counter this propaganda. Our adversaries are creating an environment of uncertainty by indulging in a political and diplomatic campaign, and if they succeed in it they can go to United Nations in future also. Unfortunately, it seems that our leadership is unable to realize that we need concrete strategies in order to counter this political and diplomatic propaganda. At the same time whatever happened in PNS Mehran undeniably raises questions. It sounds astonishing to hear by Naval chief that it was not our lapse as attackers passed through air bases. Its not the time to blame each other. If its a lapse then its a security military lapse, and we should not at all create divisions within the armed forces. It is only our foes who want dichotomies in our military. We should not fall in this propaganda. We need to realize our shortcomings. We need to take firm measures to beef up the security of sensitive installations instead of blaming each other. We should raise our voices for responsible and accountable leadership but our motive should not be to blame our armed forces because they fight for our defense and they sacrifice their men for our security. Our negative attitudes will only demoralize our soldiers, which we cant afford. As far as the operation in North Waziristan is concerned, even if there's limited action, it should be precise and focus on driving out terrorists as quickly as possible. My humble request to the leadership is to please stop blaming and start doing MAIMUNA ASHRAF, June 2.