Additional District and Sessions Judge Sajjad Ahmed ordered the Lahore CCPO to take action against Shahdara SHO for not recovering four children of a widow despite repeated court orders on Thursday.

The complainant Asia Gilani, a resident of Shahdara, had filed a petition in the court submitting that she had married to Azhar Gilani in 1998 and they had four children out of this wedlock. She said her husband died in 2012 after which her sisters-in-laws kicked her out from the house of her late husband and also took her four children illegally in their possession.  The petitioner prayed to the court to direct the policy for the recovery of her children namely Musharaf, Hijab Batol, Tazeen Mahan and Atfa Maha from the illegal possession of her sisters-in-law.

The court accepting her plea ordered the police station concerned for the recovery of petitioners’ minors. However, the police could not make recovery of the minors. The court repeatedly directed the police but in vain. After continuous non-compliance, the court directed the CCPO to take action against the Shahdara SHO and to make sure of his presence before the court along with the minors.–Staff Reporter