Some issues should be mandatory for the rulers of a country and our constitution should reflect this, before one becomes a leader of any nation. Our politicians have been playing games of, “I want my cake and I want to eat it as well,” for many years. Many ministers sitting in our Assemblies hold dual nationality, as well as have large investments bought from Pakistani taxpayer’s money, in other countries, everyone has heard about the Surry palace in UK? They have large hidden accounts in Swiss banks and in Cayman Islands.

I would like to request the new Assemblies to unanimously decide and pass a legislation, in which they all surrender the second nationality and only retain Pakistani citizenship as well as bring back all the hidden wealth and invest it in Pakistan. The nation needs solid proof from our lawmakers that they are sincere to Pakistan and not here just to fleece us, as the previous regimes have done. This will be a first step to show loyalty to the people of Pakistan.


Islamabad, May 28.