I’m a student at Karachi University. Of the six working days we have, four were declared to be holidays, this week alone. Speaking for myself, three of my five exams had to be rescheduled, my classes were cancelled. My education is suffering at the hands of violent protesters, and brainless party workers. Do the politicians see the issue here, and understand the severity of the situation? If so, are they going to do something about it, before we also turn into under-qualified individuals like them handling posts beyond our scope?

If not, it’s a pity they don’t realise the importance of educating us; this country’s youth, it’s next generation! What is going to happen to us if three-quarter of every academic year is spent sitting home, or facing daunting death traps on the streets of Karachi? Who are these people who come out on streets to destroy private and public property? Do they qualify being called citizens, when they are active in ruining the future of their youth? Will the government take action before all hope has diminished?


Karachi, June 1.