LAHORE - Elimination of interest-based economic system, overcoming the energy crisis and promotion of industry, eradication of corruption, a drastic cut on excessive government spending, 30 per cent growth in agriculture produce, promotion of tax culture, increase in exports, reduction in trade deficit, self reliance, increase in forex reserves and special importance to education, are the main points of the eight-point road map suggested by the Jamaat-e-Islami to the new government as budget proposals. 

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Thursday, JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch said that the first budget being presented by the new government within a few days would reflect the priorities of the new government, the goal before it during the next five years and its plans to revive and stabilise the country’s economy. JI Deputy Secretary General Dr Farid Piracha and JI Information Secretary Anwar Niazi were also present on the occasion.

JI Secretary General listed the problems facing the new rulers as terrorism, energy crisis, acute load shedding, educational degradation, price-hike and increasing unemployment, saying that the foremost priority of the government should be to end budget deficit and to bid farewell to the IMF.  Baloch noted that the country at present had capacity to generate 22,000 megawatt electricity and if the government was successful in utilising this capacity, there won’t be any load shedding.

 He also called for a clear government policy for building new dams besides plans to generate electricity through solar, wind and coal based projects. At the same time, he said, drastic steps should be taken to control line losses and theft of electricity. The situation also demanded revamping major national institutions such as Steel Mills, Railways, PIA, through good and clean administration.