Lawyers did not allow judges to sit and work in the court rooms over some minor issue at Sessions Court here on Thursday for the second consecutive day.

The lawyers, in the beginning of the second day, kept locked both the court rooms of Additional District and Sessions Judge Khalid Mehmood Bhatti and newly appointed Additional District and Sessions Judge Mehr Abid over a minor issue. Sources seeking anonymity said that lawyers forcibly stopped functioning of courts.  They said although the courts rooms were open but the judges and other staff could not continue their working.

A senior judicial officer who wished not to be named told this scribe that lawyers had control over the courts and did not allow their functioning.

He said bar and bench were equally important to each other and nobody could continue its work without the cooperation of other. But the atmosphere here in City was really depressing, he added.

According to the sources, the issue came into limelight when some lawyers of district bar went to Additional and Sessions Judge Khalid Mehmood Bhatti’s court to get solved a matter by their own choice but the judge refused to entertain them.

This refusal led the lawyers to be furious and they locked the court rooms of the two judges.