LAHORE - Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Mahmudur Rashid stated on Thursday the opposition benches would support the treasury to establish good governance and rule of law but would put up a stiff resistance if the government tried to bulldoze things on the basis of majority.

Addressing the Punjab Assembly after election of Shahabz Sharif as the chief minister Punjab, the PTI leader said in the last election his party mandate had been stolen on a number of seats and the polls were not 100 per cent transparent. He said for the sake of democracy his party leader Imran Khan did not give call for a mass movement but if in the future the history was repeated they would not tolerate.

He said the Opposition will stand by the government for establishing good governance and for public lift schemes. He conveyed to the federal government through this forum for dispensing with the law of the Colonial era and replace it with the Islamic one.

According to him the existing system of justice had failed to provide justice to the poor. He said the rule of law was ahead of constructing roads and bridges. Rashid asked the new government to focus on strengthening and rebuilding the institutions to begin with the Punjab Assembly, for which he asked the chief minister to ensure his presence during the session. He also called for holding the local government election at the earliest so that problems of the common man were taken care of at the local level and that the legislators concentrate on their genuine duty of legislation. He laid stress on de-politicisation of the institutions and warned if political motivated appointments, transfers and postings continued, a Karachi-like situation might also occur in Punjab.

The opposition leader also emphasised on creating NFC Award-like system in the province to allocate money for every provincial unit according to its needs and share in revenue generation. Mahmud also asked the government not to pursue any political victimisation and name his party men who were being booked in false cases.

Rashid opposed concentration of power in one hand and repelled the past practice when the chief minister was holding up to 14 ministries. He asked the chief minister to establish a team of competent ministers instead of mopping ministries in his own hand. He also laid stress on mobilizing the institutions to the public service instead of making the individuals to do so. For the next budget he suggested focusing on justice, education, health and jobs.

Parliamentary Party leader of PPP, Qazi Ahmad Saeed in his address congratulated Shahbaz Sharif, and said it was by virtue of the efforts of the PPP’s slain leader Benazir Bhutto that the black law of Musharraf era was erased as a result of which Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Shari were respectively the prime minister and the chief minister third time. He gave credit to President Zardari for fulfilling the promise of timely elections. The present democratic system, he said, has been nurtured with the blood of Benazir Bhutto. He also advocated for NFC Award like arrangement for the people of South Punjab besides a separate Public Service Commission for the jobless of that part.

PML-Q leader Waqas Hassan Moakal in his address stressed the need of framing policies which end joblessness.

Dr Waseek Akhtar of JI in his address called for implementing the recommendations prepared by Islamic Ideology Council for Islamisation of Pakistan which was also a constitutional need. Courts must decide cases according to Islamic laws and the economy be freed of usury and interest, he added. Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani presided over this party of the session.