Karachi is a big city with a large population, after a whole week of work, families like to go out for an evening in the fresh air. Everyone cannot afford expensive restaurants and boat rides or going to Hawksbay, some turn to the nearest park to relax.

The common man finds it in public parks which are best for recreational activities. Public parks are the only source for relaxation and peaceful environment in stressful urban areas. As the population is expanding, the demand for public parks is also increasing. Karachi’s population is well over 15 million, but the number of public parks is very low. Parks are necessary for people of all ages. In a high density city like Karachi, the number of parks should also be equivalent to the population.

Most of the parks in Karachi are not in good condition as the administration does not pay any attention to them. Due to carelessness from these CDGK officials, the lights and fountains are almost always out of order in all the parks. Drug addicts can be seen hanging around these parks making them unsafe for families. I would like to request CDGK and other concerned authorities to take steps to construct public parks in central locations of the city. This will be very helpful in maintaining the physical and mental health of the people.


Karachi, May 25.