LEICESTER: An eco-friendly petrolhead has taken recycling to a whole new level - by building a car from rubbish.

Paul Bacon has pimped his ride by using bottle caps to make the front grille and the steering wheel is the top of a firework rocket. And he has spiced up the six cylinder engine - which pokes through the bonnet - with salt and pepper pots.

His bubble car creation, named The Cosmotron, is legal to drive and boasts a top speed of 140mph. The 39-year-old used the chassis of an old BMW Z3 as the base for his car and sculpted its sleek curves using fibreglass matting.

It took 18 months of toil in his shed, in Leicester, to build the motor, which he now hires out for events. Luckily, the concept car designer’s wife, Kirsty, didn’t mind - she made all the interior upholstery.–Metro