District Police officer Sohail Zafar Chatta convened a meeting of all the banks’ managers from across the district to devise a foolproof security plan following a heist at a bank branch situated at Model Town B Block here.

The meeting aimed at preparing a plan of action against the bank robberies and providing protection to all financial institutions in the district.

Speaking on the occasion, the DPO pointed out that the banks and other such financial institutions had huge monetary transaction on daily basis which naturally attracted robbers and dacoits, adding that such incidents often culminated with loss of precious human life and hard-earned money of the consumers.

He stressed that no dacoit could commit robbery without prior planning and if security arrangements at bank remained satisfactory then this would discourage the culprits. He was of the view that it was the responsibility of the bank manager to guide its officials and guards, adding that no one should be allowed to enter any bank branch without being searched. CCTV cameras play an important role in this matter and CCTV device should be installed at such places where dacoits could not reach and if amount of cash is increased in any bank then number of security guards should also be increased accordingly.

Every bank should have at least 2 security guards and one of them should stand outside the main gate, it is necessary for every bank to have vintage point and it should be made in a way that the person sitting in it should feel secure and can aim easily to the person who came with the intention of robbery.

The DPO stressed deployment of trained security guards in banks and companies providing security guards should be made responsible in this regard.

On the occasion, State Bank Chief Manager Khadim Hussain appreciated the efforts of the DPO and assured that banks would extend all-out cooperation to the police to ensure security financial institutions.