The police have arrested two rapists who had been involved in the gang raped two sisters in village Channu Mom-Akbarabad between Monday and Tuesday night.

The police told the newsmen that the police had arrested two gang rape accused identified as namely Imran and Asad.

Reportedly, both of the ill-fated girls were resided in a rented house owned by accused Imran with their family. The accused mixed some sedatives in milk and gave it to the family, claiming that it was charity milk brought from a shrine. The family members consumed the milk and soon fell unconscious except the girls.

Later, both Imran and Asad along with their accomplice Sadaqat gang raped both of them and fled away leaving them in critical condition. Both the victims were admitted to Sialkot hospital, where the doctors termed their condition critical. The police have also arrested a female accused namely Kishwar alias Rani, who aided and abetted the accused. The police arrested two accused while raids are being conducted for arrest of third accused.