KARACHI (PR): Theatre is a valuable mode of expression as well as entertainment. Just like RAZCO’s previous productions “Sorry Juliet! Romeo Loves Paaro” carries a positive and inspiring message for the audience and leaves them feeling amused and light-hearted.

The Executive Director and Producer of the play is the talented and well known Raheel Khan Lodhi assisted by Sonia Tiwana. Raheel, the theatre guru has been involved with the industry for almost a decade and has directed as well as produced extremely successful, leading plays such as, “The Happy Prince” & “Winds of Change”.

The play is intended as a mouthpiece for the value of love as opposed to non-serious flirting; an unfortunate phenomenon of the times we live in.

The concept of love has largely deviated from its conservative perception of being an emotion that takes over one’s life.

Whereas, the current generation is always concerned with what life has to offer rather than performing those acts that were regarded as noble and chivalrous back in the day. Disloyalty to ones lover was against the social norm of that time and regarded as the downfall society.