SWAT - A man chopped off nose of his 17-year-old wife for ‘honour’ and also kept her locked in a room for 20 days in Swat valley, police sources informed The Nation on Friday.
They said one Sahibzada son of Rahmat Zada, a policeman by profession, chopped off nose of his wife Shahida on May 11, 2014 and then kept her locked in a room of his home for almost 20 days at Japagai village of Kabal district, Swat. They said Kabal police when came to know about the incident raided the house and recovered the woman from there. “She was shifted to central hospital for medical treatment,” they added. Police also arrested accused Zahibzada and registered a case against him.
According to Zahir Shah, additional moharar Kabal police station, both the husband and wife were always quarrelling with each other as serious differences developed between them. He said the couple had also a son.
Talking to The Nation, the victim’s father said that Sahibzada had tortured his daughter on many occasions and at last he attempted to kill her by chopping off her nose and then locked her for almost three weeks in a room.
Talking to The Nation, Khoyendo Jirga Chairperson Tabbassum Adnan strongly condemned the cruel act and said brutally torturing housewife is totally unlawful and unacceptable in every society. She said that Shahida was wedded when she was only seven-year-old. “I met her at the hospital,” Tabbasum said, adding marks on her body revealed that she was brutally tortured by her husband.
She said when Shahida got knowledge about the intentions of her husband that he was going to kill her, she managed escape from her home by jumping from 12-feet long wall and walked three kilometres by foot to reach her father home.
She stated that national identity card is issued to a citizen when he or she attains the age of 18 years so how can people wed out their children at the age of seven.
She demanded of the government to take a stern action on this issue and also propose a proper law for girls’ marriage.