WASHINGTON/BROADFORD-"We have very clearly said that we are concerned about the space for media freedom in Pakistan ," the State Department Deputy Spokesperson, Marie Harf, told journalists on Friday.
"We are aware that Geo TV's broadcast license has been suspended for 15 days and that a fine has been imposed on the outlet by the regulatory authority. We have also seen reports that Geo TV has filed suit against the regulatory authority as well," she said.
"Not going to take a position on the merits of these actions, but we have long been clear that freedom of the press, including freedom of the airwaves and safety for journalists, is of paramount importance to freedom of expression in Pakistan and everywhere else," Harf said.
Meanwhile protestors protecting freedom of expression gathered outside the Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford's North Parade.
The group met yesterday and included members of Bradford's South Asian Peoples Forum, Bradford Gymkhana, Awami Workers Party and other social, political and literary groups from the city.
Among them was a journalist Zaff Tanweer who said the protest was to show support to fellow media in Pakistan , stop attacks on journalists and stop victimization.
He said "We are raising a strong voice to protect freedom of expression and independence of media in Pakistan ."